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Simplify and save on your next travel booking with Traveloka, the leading flight/hotel booking platform in Indonesia


If you are a frequent traveler in the Southeast Asia region, here is a nifty app which can help you simplify and save on your travel bookings – Traveloka.

Well, Traveloka is the largest and leading flight/hotel booking platform in Indonesia and also currently the cheapest in Indonesia. Indonesia is the country with the largest population in Southeast Asia. 250 million people cannot be wrong.

There are already many travel apps and sites out there competing against each other. What sets Traveloka apart from their competitors?

1. Southeast Asia focus

Headquartered in Indonesia, Traveloka is primarily focused on the Southeast Asia travel market, covering destinations like Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, among others. They promise to bring about the cheapest prices, with no hidden charges for cheap hotels and cheap flights.

For instance, if you book flights on AirAsia site, there is the credit card surcharge of SGD8 one way which is not reflected until upon payment whereas on Traveloka, everything is in final prices.

Don’t you find it frustrating navigating through all those hidden costs? Particularly when you are booking a budget flight. Let Traveloka simplify this for you with their simple, clean interface and honest price displays.

2. Fastest way to book at best prices

If you fly frequently like me, making up to 2 to 3 flights every month, you will likely find filling up your passport details and personal particulars again and again for each flight booking to be a big hassle.


Traveloka recognises this and came up with a Traveler Picker (only available on the app version) feature which can help you avoid filling in passengers information each time you book. Save all informations at once, then use Travelers Picker every time you book!

What’s even more awesome is that you can save the passenger information for more than one pax, making it easier for you to book not just your own tickets.

3. Simplified 1-click payment

To save even more time for travel bookings, you can also logged in on Traveloka and add your credit card details once. After that, you don’t need to fill in the details at your next booking.


If you are worried about security, your information shared with Traveloka is protected by 256-bit security and 100% PCI- compliance. 

4. Instant ticket issuance

No need to wait longer for your e-ticket and hotel voucher. With Traveloka, you will be able to book and get your e-ticket/hotel voucher in less than 1 minute.

In addition, within the app home page, there is a My Booking tab where it stores all your hotel vouchers and flight e-ticket, all in one place. This will save the hassle of hunting for a printer to physical print out these documents. Simply show these from your mobile or other electronic devices. No more scrambling for flight and hotel details in different apps or email inboxes!

5. Get cheaper rates – even for full-service airlines

Traveloka has a Smart Combo feature where users can save up to 40% for premium service flights if they book round-trip flights displaying that icon, versus others of similar class, without the icon.


With Smart Combo, you can enjoy full-service facilities from premium airlines such as Air France, Cathay Pacific, Etihad, Garuda Indonesia, KLM, Lufthansa and Singapore Airlines, at the cheapest price with Traveloka.

Next time you are looking to book your hotel or book flights, do consider Traveloka! You can download the app via Google Play Store or Apple App Store.


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