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Retirement Planning: House versus Apartment


So you’ve reached a point where you are planning to retire and you’re now scanning the different home. However, you feel stuck since you’ve saved up enough over the years and now have enough money to buy a house or an apartment, yet which one would be the best for a person about to retire?

Pros of Getting an Apartment

There are several pros about getting an apartment:

a.) Convenience
Getting an apartment in the city is a good choice since they are normally situated in areas that make life more convenient for their residents. It is normally the case that they are located near malls, supermarkets and other places where a lot of people tend to gather. In fact, some residential developers have started placing small malls directly below the apartment complex they’re building in order to help entice people to purchase an apartment there since the mini-malls often have supermarkets, banks and other anchor tenants which makes life a lot more convenient for people living in the building.

b.) Security
The main difference between condo living and owning a home is the fact that condominiums have 24-hour security. The building normally has cameras on each floor and elevator as well as guards on the ground floor preventing anyone that is not authorised from entering the building. Being able to sleep without having to worry about a possible break-in is an invaluable benefit that a house simply cannot match.

c.) The Amenities
The best part about condo living is having access to the building’s amenities. Ranging from swimming pools to gyms, many residential developments within countries like Singapore and Thailand compete with one another to create the best possible amenities for their guests. Imagine waking up in the morning, putting on a pair of swimming trunks and heading down to the pool for a nice morning swim. In fact, just imagine how good swimming in a pool would feel during one of Thailand’s famous hot summers?

Cons of Getting an Apartment

While the pros are definitely enticing, there are also the cons that you need to consider:

a.) Limited amounts of Space
One of the main problems with condo living is the limited amount of space that you have to contend with. In fact, a studio apartment in a condo can be considered as being the same as a shoe-box when compared to the homes that you can buy in rural locations for the same price. Simply put, your living space will be severely constrained well into the foreseeable future and this is one of the drawbacks of condo living that is a major turnoff.

b.) Lack of Social Connections
Another problem is the general lack of social connections that people experience when living in a condo. Ask any person living in a condo right now if they socialise with their neighbors and the most likely answer you will get is a big resounding “no”. People living in condo units become more insular and less likely to connect with their neighbors as compared to people living in houses where greeting, talking and socializing with neighbors is actually a common everyday occurrence.

Pros of Getting a House

a.) It is a Common Dream
The concept of owning a house and lot is a common dream among people in Singapore and Thailand since it enables people to think that they’ve “made it” so to speak since many people work themselves to the bone just to get this sort of home. Getting a house of your own can have tremendous psychological benefits based on this way of thinking.

b.) You Get More Space
Compared to a condo, you get a lot more space to yourself where you can bring in a large amount of different furniture and other items. That is actually one of the main selling points of owning a house since people tend to want large dining tables, big beds and an assortment of other furniture.

c.) You can have pets!
One of the unfortunate aspects of condo living is that you are unfortunately not allowed to have pets in your apartment. It is understandable though since having a noisy pet in a confined space is likely to cause problems with your neighbors. However, if you own a home then this is no longer that much of an issue since you won’t have to worry about your neighbors complaining since there is no one else in the house with you.

Cons of Getting a House

a.) Bugs and Pests
The worst part about getting a house is that you have to deal with all the bugs and pests that come inside. You need to get inspections done regularly such as Termite Home Inspections to make sure there are no creatures living in your home. Apartment buildings tend to have fewer bugs and pests since the admin of the building regularly uses pest control services.

b.) Cleaning
Lastly, cleaning a home involves far more work and effort when compared to cleaning an apartment.


All in all, there are pros and cons when it comes to buying either a house or a condo. Choosing one over the other will all depend on what you think is best for you.

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