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Think Singaporeans are clean? You will not believe how many trashe we leave behind in cinemas

Singapore is often known to foreigners as a clean and green city. One of the first remarks I always hear is that our country is really clean. However, I feel no strong pride for this as deep inside, many of us Singaporeans know that the only reason our country is so clean is because we employ a large army of cleaners to clean up the mess we leave behind.

I still see people blatantly throw trash in public areas like their drink cans, used ticket papers, ticket stubs and all sorts of rubbish. Just take a look at most HDB estates before the cleaners go about their rounds. You will see there’s nothing to be proud of if it’s someone else who is clearing up our mess.

Do you know how much litter is generated by Singaporeans after each cinema screening? Check out some of these pictures I took after a movie screening:

trash2 trash3 trash4 trash5

Mind you, this was at one of the smaller theatres. Imagine the amount of trash at the larger ones!

According to Golden Village, the largest cinema operator in Singapore, 11,830 man hours are spent cleaning up 109,000 kg of trash in their cinemas.

109,000kg. Try to image 109,000 sacks of 1kg rice and how disgusting that is if it’s all trash.

Golden Village recently launched a video to encourage responsible cinema viewing, calling on cinema-goers to “Just Bin It”:

It’s not that hard isn’t it? Just properly dispose of your own trash in the rubbish bins after a cinema screening instead of leaving them behind in your own seats. I don’t think it’s that hard to stop dropping popcorns and other food waste all over the cinema floors.

The video will be running till 19 November in Golden Village cinemas as part of their education drive. Next time when you visit a cinema, remember to “Just Bin It” for your trash and leave nothing behind in your seats!



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