TOTEM Introduces 2 New Acts in Singapore #DHLDeliversTOTEM - Alvinology

TOTEM Introduces 2 New Acts in Singapore #DHLDeliversTOTEM

Today, TOTEM reveals two new acts, performing for the first time in Singapore. If you have not caught Cirque du Soleil yet, now is the time to do so!

To celebrate its return after a 10-year hiatus, Cirque du Soleil is pleased to be premiering in Singapore two new acrobatic acts for its theatrical production TOTEM. The two new fascinating scenes were made possible by its Official Logistics Partner DHL, who has had determining influence on the speed of the creation efforts and the artistic evolution of the TOTEM production – a first in Cirque du Soleil’s history.

When I caught the show before the premiere of this new act, I was puzzled by the purpose of the act as it kinda left me hanging for what’s next. Now with the introduction of Escalade, I am able to see the full story better! The businessman is stripped bare and flung into the heart of the jungle where his inner struggle is put to test. Atop a tree-like structure inspired by the acrobatic discipline of Chinese pole, man and primate circle and climb in a battle for dominance. Gael Ouisse shared that it was with more than 8-months of intense training to master the act as it combines multiple skills such as parkour, pole and acrobatics.

TOTEM Introduces 2 New Acts in Singapore #DHLDeliversTOTEM - Alvinology

Two industrious creatures emerge from the sea, to play, crawl, twist and build complex pyramids on the seashore. Their incredible figures seem to defy both gravity and physics. Be prepared to be awed by the flexibility and agility of these two artists – Ulziibuyan Mergen and Oyun-Erdene Senge.

TOTEM Introduces 2 New Acts in Singapore #DHLDeliversTOTEM - Alvinology

These two acts TOTEM are in rotation and will be performed a few times a week in Singapore. Read our review of Cirque du Soleil TOTEM here.

TOTEM Introduces 2 New Acts in Singapore #DHLDeliversTOTEM - Alvinology

DHL is integrated into Cirque du Soleil’s supply chain activities, with its DHL Global Trade Fairs & Events team, a subsidiary of DHL Global Forwarding, Freight, supporting the event logistics of Cirque du Soleil Big Top and Arena tours worldwide. DHL provides global logistics support for the corporate headquarters of Cirque du Soleil in Montreal, Canada.

The main logistics requirements of Cirque du Soleil consist of the set-up and “tear down” of shows and transfers between tour venues, including the use of air, sea and land transport and customs clearance services. A single Big Top show can involve the movement of up to 80 freight containers. The Canadian based entertainment company also has a range of standard supply chain requirements within its day-to-day business operations, including small package shipping, warehouse management and merchandise distribution.

With both DHL and Cirque du Soleil grown from entrepreneurial beginnings into global brands through a commitment to conquering new frontiers and amazing and delighting their customer bases. As they pool their respective strengths through this partnership, both brands’ proven ability to innovate and deliver excellence will contribute to even more exciting customer experiences in the future.

DHL is the Official Logistics Partner for Cirque du Soleil since 2014.

Photos used in this post taken by the writer, all rights reserved by Claudia.

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