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[FREE TRIAL AND PROMO CODE] Kinohimitsu Maca Men – caffeine-free energy booster


When you need to slog it out for an all-night proposal, what is your energy booster of choice? What goes into the usual energy drinks you consume?

Coffee? Cigarettes? Or drinks with high sugar content?

What if you learn that there is now a caffeine-free energy booster available as an option?


Introducing Kinohimitsu Maca Men. Not only is the drink caffeine-free, it is specifically designed for men with a powerful proprietary blend of 500mg Maca extract, clam extract, BCAA and turmeric to support men’s vitality, stamina and endurance as well as support overall health.

Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is not easy for many of us working fathers. With the advent of mobile technology and the internet, one can now work anytime, anywhere with just a smartphone in hand and with a WiFi connection. As I work in a social media company and also runs several of my own websites, I spend almost all my waking hours online.


As my work all centers around content, when breaking news happen, I will be required to work on it immediately, regardless of how tired I may be. As such, a healthier energy booster drink like Kinohimitsu Maca Men is a lifesaver.


Relaxing with my family in Puca Beach, Boracay

I have been trying out the drink for the past few weeks and so far, I have been pleasantly delighted with the results.

The taste is a little sweet and quite mild, with a fruity note. I do feel more energised and refreshed after my daily dose of Maca Men. As there is no caffeine, it is non-addictive and you can choose to stop taking it anytime without any withdrawal.

Newbies like me are to consume one bottle a day consecutively for six days before food. Thereafter, consumption can be reduce to one bottle every two days.

The drink is recommended for the health conscious men, athletes, night owls and busy executives.


Can you spot the Maca Men bottle? It’s now in my list of travel essentials with the other items in the picture.

Health benefits are said to include improving stamina and endurance; muscle strength; blood circulation; sperm quality; liver health; sexual health; prostate health; and immune system.

No harm on improving sex drive while perking up! 🙂


If you are interested to try out Kinohimitsu Maca Men, get a free trial! Sign up on http://www.kinohimitsu.com/macamen by 10 Nov 2015 to redeem 2 FREE bottles of Maca Men worth $8.70.

Remember to also check out their Facebook and Instagram to stand a chance to win attractive prizes worth up to S$2,500! Prizes include a year’s supply of Kinohimitsu Maca Men, gym passes to Anytime Fitness, Edit Menswear, Observer Optical Vouchers and Feet Haven massage vouchers!

Discount Code for Alvinology Readers

Simply quote “POWERUPALVIN” to enjoy 20% off a box of Maca Men – U.P $86.90 when you make your purchase online at http://www.kinohimitsu.com/macamen. Promo code is valid till 31 Dec 2015.


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