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The 4.5% Gentleman

The 4.5% Gentleman - Alvinology

Are cider drinks for sissies?

In this part of the world in Asia, the perception seems to be so. In the UK, cider is a popular and widely available beverage, enjoyed equally by both sexes.

Are gentlemen sissies?

I am not sure about you, but when I watched the 2015 British spy action comedy film, Kingsman: The Secret Service, Colin Firth was the perfect gentleman and was definitely no sissy!

How many of you want to become a Kingsman after watching the movie, hands up!

Don’t try too hard though, it may backfire.

Recently, a group of self-proclaimed trendsetters in Singapore tried to start a social media movement locally to promote the idea of a modern gentleman through a movement that they named “The Gentleman’s Pride”. 

The group posted photos of themselves in sharp suits, posing around Singapore. They drew more flaks than support though, with many criticising them for the impractical attire in sweltering hot Singapore and being poserish as well as trying too hard.

Bad move. The Gentleman’s Pride never really took off.

However, I don’t think we are incapable of being gentlemen. It’s just that maybe most of us lads do not want to try so hard.

Enter Magners Irish Cider, the choice beverage for the “4.5% Gentleman”.

The 4.5% Gentleman - Alvinology

Why 4.5% Gentleman?

Well, we can easily be that little bit more gentlemanly in the park;

While trying out the new drink dispenser machine in the office;

Holding the lift for someone;

Helping an injured friend who is immobile;

Or just making that little bit more effort to always seat the ladies first during dinner.

The 4.5% Gentleman - AlvinologyDid you have fun laughing at the lads?

It’s true isn’t it? No matter how laddish a guy is, there has to be that little bit of gentlemanly goodness in us, albeit that it might be absolutely minimal.

Next time you hit the bar or attend any social gathering, why not bring out that 4.5% Gentleman inside you and order a cider?

While we celebrate being boorish and uncult, releasing our full, goofy masculine side when drinking beer with the gang, there is a laddish alternative that’s just a little more civilised – Magners Irish Cider.

It’s not that hard or inattainable to be a little more gentlemanly to enjoy a nice cool cider which is less harsh or bitter.

Frankly, I do not find it that girly to be drinking cider. I think it’s cool to differentiate myself from the beer buddies by being that little bit different. Ask the ladies. I am sure they will agree.

Real men drink cider too!

This post is brought to you by Magners Irish Cider.

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