Now you can SHARE offers to your friends from your Entertainer app! - Alvinology

Now you can SHARE offers to your friends from your Entertainer app!

If you are a frequent user of the Entertainer mobile app like I am, you will be delighted to know that you can now SHARE offers with you friends!

This can be done through a “ping” on the Entertainer app. Each paid account will be able to ping up to 10 offers a year to friends.

Sharing is caring. This is the best way to let your friends know more about this awesome 1-for-1 deals app by having them experience and use it themselves!

What is Offer Ping on the app?

Offer Ping is a feature that lets you send offers to your friends and family from the app without them having to log in to your account. Each year, you can share up to 10 offers of your choice with friends and family.

How do I send or ping an offer from my App?

You can do so in 8 simple steps:

Now you can SHARE offers to your friends from your Entertainer app! - Alvinology

What happens if the person I ping an offer to does not have an Entertainer account?

When you ping an offer to a friend, they will receive an email telling them that you have pinged them an offer. They can then download our free App and register for a free account to accept the offers. When signing up for an account, they have to use the same email address they received their offers on.

What happens if the recipient does not accept a pinged offer?

If a recipient declines offers or does not accept them within 10 days the offer will become active again in the sender’s account.

Can I take back a pinged offer that has been accepted by the recipient?

An accepted offer can be pinged back to the sender by the recipient; however this will take one ping from the 10 they can do for the year

How many offers can I ping?

You can ping 10 offers per year (January – December) to your friends and family at any time.

That’s it!

Happy pinging and sharing of the deals with your friends and loved ones!

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  1. Hey everyone
    One of my friends told me about a really good free app you can download to swap Entertainer vouchers. It’s called VOUCHER SWAP (look for red and blue arrow logo on the App store and Play store) and it works on all phones. I just recently bought the new Entertainer voucher book for 2021 and just swapped all the vouchers I never use, which was BRILLIANT. Just thought I’d share this advice for anyone using The Entertainer voucher book

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