Revisiting Places - Alvinology

Revisiting Places

Revisiting Places - Alvinology
Sydney Opera House

I’ve been to Sydney numerous times and I still love the city.

There’s just something about the harbour city’s sun-soaked carefree vibe that’s so appealing.

Revisiting Places - Alvinology
Sydney Opera House

And it doesn’t help that the city is ridiculously photogenic, what with the magnificent harbour and scenic coastal walks.

But maybe it’ll be different if I was living there.

Revisiting Places - Alvinology
The now defunct monorail system in. Sydney

The city’s well known for its high cost of living and craptacular public transport.

As a tourist, however, I don’t have to deal with that.

Revisiting Places - Alvinology
Bondi Beach, Sydney
Revisiting Places - Alvinology
Sydney Harbour Bridge

And because I’ve been to the city so many times, I’ve been to most of the major sights and I know my way around the city.

In fact, I don’t need a map.

And that frees me up to enjoy the city in a way which a short trip would never be able to.

Revisiting Places - Alvinology
Sydney Chinatown
Revisiting Places - Alvinology
My first trip to Sydney when I was three

On a short trip, you probably have a list of places which you want to visit in the time you’re there.

But once you get all these sights out of the way, you’re able to spend time in places you really love and enjoy.

For instance, I love strolling around The Rocks, which provides an unparalleled vista of the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House.

And I did that everyday, the last time I was there.

Revisiting Places - Alvinology
The Rocks, Sydney

I was also able to visit places which I otherwise would have missed on a short trip.

Like Cockatoo Island, a former convict penal establishment in the middle of Sydney Harbour.

Revisiting Places - Alvinology
Cockatoo Island, Sydney

The ferry ride to Cockatoo Island and its harbour views is alone worth a visit.

But the island is also quite interesting.

Revisiting Places - Alvinology
Dockyard, Cockatoo Island

It was the site of one of Australia’s biggest shipyards in the past, and some dockyards and shipbuilding complexes still remain.

We also walked around some of the former prison buildings.

Revisiting Places - Alvinology
Former Prison Buildings, Cockatoo Island

But I certainly wouldn’t have thought of visiting cockatoo Island on my first, second or even third trip to Sydney.

Heck, it’s not even listed in the guidebook I was reading (Lonely Planet, if you must know).

And yet, having been there, I think it’s well worth a day trip.

Revisiting Places - Alvinology
Chang’an Avenue, Beijing

Another city which I enjoy revisiting is Beijing.

I love its juxtaposition of new and old.

Revisiting Places - Alvinology
798 Art District, Beijing

I also enjoy seeing its character and mood change in the different seasons (I think it looks best in winter).

Revisiting Places - Alvinology
Tiananmen Square, Beijing
Revisiting Places - Alvinology
Badaling Great Wall

And because I know the city pretty well, I know where to go when I want my favourite food.

And I know where to go when I want to check out some indie music acts.

Revisiting Places - Alvinology
Indie rock band, Sound Fragment (声音碎片) performing in Yugong Yishan, Beijing

All these are knowledge that you gain only through multiple visits to the same city.

Revisiting Places - Alvinology
Filming at the State Production Base of China Film Group studio, Beijing

And while there’s some pleasure in ticking off a checklist of places to visit, I do enjoy revisiting some of my favourite destinations.

What about you? Do you enjoy revisiting places? Or would you rather check out a new city every time you travel?

Tell us in the comments box below.

Revisiting Places - Alvinology
Wangfujing, Beijing

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