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Multimedia Project on Potong Pasir – My Kind of Town

I grew up in Potong Pasir, having lived there for over two decades. I am proud to have been a part of Potong Pasir and have written about the town on several occasions. My parents still live there and I visit the town frequently.

The small town of Potong Pasir has always been closely identified with Chiam See Tong, Member of Parliament for Potong Pasir from 1984 to 2011.

Just like how Lee Kuan Yew has shaped Singapore, Chiam See Tong has shaped Potong Pasir into the kind of friendly, public-spirited town that it is till today.

As Singapore gears itself to celebrate our 50th year of independence next year, much efforts have been spent on documenting our histories and heritages from all corners of Singapore.

Potong Pasir under Chiam See Tong is part of our national history and I am glad a group of students from my alma mater have stepped forward to document this in a multimedia project titled – My Kind of Town:

There are interactive maps and interviews featured in the project. Visit the official website to experience it for yourself. 

Pretty impressive!

I had fun navigating through the small town of Potong Pasir virtually on their website. If I am one of the folks grading this project, this is so going to get an A+ from me.

Thank you for telling the Potong Pasir side of our story. Potong Pasir and its residents are a part of Singapore’s history too.

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