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Five of the World’s Best Workout Videos to Get You Moving

Alright you keyboard warrior…. time to get out of your seats and exercise!

These five of the best exercise videos from around the world should inspire you to get your lazy ass moving.

1. The Great Singapore Workout

The Great Singapore Workout is a fitness routine launched in Singapore on 3 October 1993 by then Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong. The Workout is a specially designed aerobic programme of 15 steps with five basic steps. It aims to promote the message that exercise is necessary for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Its launch, featuring a crowd of 26,107 doing the 15-minute Workout at the Padang, went into the Guinness Book of World Records for the “largest mass aerobic session held at one location”. Suitable for all ages, from babies to grannies.

2. North Korea Kids Aerobic 

Notice the kids are all the same height and almost identical in appearances? They also move in perfect synchrony and have exceedingly cheerful expressions. If their exuberant cannot motivate you to get moving, I am not sure what else can.

3. South Korean Horse-Riding Exercise

Did Psy get his inspiration for his horse-riding dance move in the worldwide hit music video, Gangnam Style, from this video?

4. USA Ultimate Win Aerobic

The title of the video says it all. Super tight spandexes, million dollar smiles and exaggerated expressions, this video is full of wins. You cannot top this, unless….

5. Russian Street Workout

Unless you are Russians. These guys are hardcore and the real deal. 🙂

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