I am not exactly the best father in the world, but whatever good stuff I can impart or provide for my one and a half year old son, Asher, I will try my best to do so.

Same for my wife Rachel who switched to teaching over her journalism career in order to spend more time with Asher during his formative years.

Together with four other parenting bloggers, I am given the chance to try out Pampers range of ultra dry diapers: Pampers Active Baby and Pampers Active Baby Pants while at the same time, share some simple parenting tips.

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My first parenting post will be on potty training.

We started Asher young, from when he was less than one year old. He was taught to gesture to us if he needed to pee or pass motion.

Later on when he learned to say simple words like “niao niao (urinate)” and “put put (pass motion”, we teach him to articulate when he needs the potty. Alternatively, we may also ask him if he need to “niao niao” or “put put” and see if he shakes or nods his head.

It helps that we bought him a small portable potty that he can mount on his own.

Currently, he is trained to use the potty before and after meals; before we go out; and when we arrive home. This builds up a routine which Asher can adjust to.

He gets lazy sometime and will refuse to use the potty even when he needs it. This is where we have to be really firm with him. Rachel’s approach will be to mollycoddle him. I will just strip him and plant him on the potty.

If he can sustain a dry diaper for a whole day, we will praise him for his effort.

When we are home, we sometimes use cloth diapers, while disposable diapers like Pampers are used exclusively when we are out.

We have been using conventional sticky-tape fastening diapers mostly. With the Pampers Active Baby Pants, Rachel and I can now experiment on getting Asher to take off his own pants to use the potty. I think Asher now knows that a soiled diaper is not something desirable. A few days ago, he pinched his nose and told my mum “chou chou (smelly)” after he soiled his diaper while they were shopping at a mall. 🙂