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Cupcakes Baked by Lace

Cupcakes Baked by Lace
Cupcakes Baked by Lace

I don’t have a sweet tooth and I’m not a huge fan of cupcakes, but my heart melted when I read the following appeal from Lace Zhang, an enterprising student from the Singapore Management University:

You’ve stated on your blog that you love good food (love your candid style of writing btw) and I’m here to tell you about some damn bloody good cake! Well, I’m a student from SMU and I run a little baking business on the side, something I’m incredibly passionate about. My specialty is my cake/cupcake batter, which has taken me a long time to perfect.

The true test of a good cake is one that remains moist after it has cooled down. Too often, restaurants or cafes have to give their hard/less than ideal textured cakes a last minute microwaving before serving it to the customer. The cake in question here is moist, tender, fluffy and remains so even days out of the oven – no reheating required! Furthermore, the ratio of leavening agents is just right to ensure sufficient rise (and tenderness) but without leaving a metallic aftertaste. Apologies for the word vomit, but you can find out more here:

I was just wondering if you’d be willing to do a post on my cupcakes. I’m sorry but I can’t pay you cause I’m a struggling student but I’m hoping a box of the best cupcakes you’ll ever taste would suffce? 😉 If you don’t like them, you don’t have to blog about them at all! Hope to hear back from you. Thanks!

She delivered five freshly-baked cupcakes to my house at 10pm one night and, in the space of 10 minutes, explained how she had come into the business and what she was doing.

She had a dream, she said, to make cupcakes as good as Georgia’s cupcakes. In her quest for the perfect recipe, she had thrown away batch after batch of sub-par cupcakes when she was still starting out. Now I’ve never heard of, much less tasted those supposedly famed cupcakes from Georgia, but that kind of passion infected the way Lace’s cupcakes tasted to me.

Coffee flavour
Mocha flavour
Vanilla flavour
Lemon meringue flavour
(Left to Right): Coffee, Milo, Chocolate and Vanilla
(Left to Right): Mocha, Milo, Nutella and lemon meringue
Earl Grey lemon

Her creations are not meant to be refrigerated in order to retain their fluffiness. The icing – something I normally want to scrape off the usual commercial cupcakes – was delicious and not at all cloying. There’s even a little bit of lemon butter tucked underneath the layer of meringue, inside the moist cupcake. Once you bite into a cupcake Baked By Lace, you don’t really want to share it – they are so airy, fragrant and scrumptious. The Nutella, Milo and Mocha flavours are sure crowd-pleasers. My favourite was the Milo one.

I hope that she will succeed in her dream to make the best cupcakes in the world.

She does online bulk orders and can be contacted on her Baked by Lace Facebook Page or at [email protected].

Lace also sells her cupcakes at a shop called Swirl  Art at River Valley (on Fri, Sat and Sun) and Munch at Marina Bay Link and Robinson 112 (on weekdays).

All the best Lace. I hope I have helped her to move one step closer to her dream in my own small way. 🙂

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