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@incoherentboy – The Twitter Traveller

My friend, Nicholas Yong from Straits Times is now in Hong Kong for a holiday and is trying out the concept of “twitter travelling”. He will be trying this out today in Hong Kong. Do tweet him @incoherentboy if you have any Hong Kong travel tips for him.

Nicholas looks very dao in this profile picture, but trust me, he is a nice guy :)
Nicholas looks very dao in this profile picture, but trust me, he is a nice guy 🙂

More information via StraitsTimes.com:

Nicholas Yong will attempt to make his way around Hong Kong, guided solely by your Twitter tips.

IS IT possible to explore a city using Twitter? No tour guides, no guide books – just an ever-changing itinerary pieced together in real-time by friends and strangers via Twitter?

I’m about to find out. On Saturday morning, May 28, I will begin a “Twitter trip”, travelling around Hong Kong for 24 hours on a budget of $100, based entirely on your Twitter recommendations.

– Know Hong Kong like the back of your hand? Share your best travel tips with me at www.twitter.com/incoherentboy.

– I am looking to explore places that are off the beaten track, so try and avoid recommending the usual touristy places. Tell me where the hidden gems are instead.

– Use the hash tags #hktwitrip and #hongkong in your tweets. Include actual addresses (e.g. 487 Nathan Rd) and not hyperlinks, whenever possible.

– Give me geographically relevant tips. For example, if I am in Kowloon, tell me about a place that is within walking distance or a few MTR stops away. I’ve got only 24 hours and $100 to play with!

I’ve plotted out some of the recommendations I’ve received so far from my Twitter followers. Check them out on this Google Map.

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