Shanghai Expo with Coca-Cola – A Preview

I am still working on the tonnes of photos and videos I took during my trip to the Shanghai Expo, hosted by Coca-Cola.

The trip was fantastic – I got to meet up with bloggers from around the world, visit the top secret Coca-Cola’s Global Innovation and Technology Center (GITC) in Shanghai, attend the Shanghai Expo, attend a Coca-Cola birthday celebration concert that features regional stars like Wang Leehom, Fahrenheit and Jacky Cheung… stay tuned for more updates.

Meanwhile, here are some photos provided by Coca-Cola that were taken on 8 May – Coca-Cola’s 125th birthday, at the Shanghai Expo:

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  1. Did you take those pics? They’re brilliant. It was fab wasn’t it. Loved meeting all the different bloggers, the conference, the yummy food and Shanghai was crazy in a good way. Where I live in Australia we only have 2 sets of traffic lights so it was a lot of excitement:) Great to be in touch wiht you and check out alvinology now I’ve met the man himself:)

  2. The pictures were provided by Coca-Cola. 🙂 I can’t take such great pictures. I will be going Australia for my honeymoon, but in Sydney. Will love to visit Queensland next time.

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