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Entre-nous creperie

Restaurant exterior
Restaurant exterior

Rachel and I went to try out this French crêpe restaurant at Seah Street last Friday for lunch. Rachel has read many glowing reviews about this restaurant in various magazines and newspapers reports and had wanted to try out their crêpes for the longest time.

I ordered an Emmental Cheese crêpe. Rachel ordered the Tile aux Moines crêpe (Roquefort cheese, walnuts and chives) and a cup of cider.

Emmental Cheese crepe
Emmental Cheese crepe
Tile aux moines crepe
Tile aux Moines crepe
Rachels cup of cider
Rachel's cup of cider

The crêpes here are said to be made from organic buckwheat, which explains the dull brown colour. I am not a big fan of French food as the portions are often only enough to feed a baby. This was the case with the crêpes here too. I think I can eat ten of their crêpes and still be hungry!

Taste-wise, it’s not too bad. A tat too healthy-tasting for my liking (I am not a big fan of organic food either). I miss my oil and meat. Rachel seems to enjoy the meal very much though.

Rachel enjoying her healthy food
Rachel enjoying her healthy food
Restaurant interior
Restaurant interior

If you are a light eater who enjoys eating rabbit and hamster food, this restaurant should be perfect for you. For the average Singaporeans who prefer unhealthy but tasty food, stay clear please.

Address and other details as below:

Entre-nous creperie
27,seah street
Singapore 188 383
[email protected]

11am to 10pm
Tuesday to Sunday
Closed on Monday

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  1. Haha! Healthy food post… yeah, there is a french restaurant in jb too, managed by a french. e portion is enuf 4 a baby too but e price can kill. u didn’t mention e price of these ultra-thin oil-less crêpes.

  2. Alvin’s crepe, which was filled with only emmental cheese, cost $12.90. Mine, which was filled with roquefort cheese, walnuts and chives and served with a salad, cost $16.90. Taxes not included.

    In my opinion, the defunct Le P’tit Breton, another Brittany creperie in Upp Thomson Rd, served better fare.

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