Singapore Entertainment Awards 2009 Celebration Party - Alvinology

Singapore Entertainment Awards 2009 Celebration Party

Singapore Entertainment Awards 2009 Celebration Party - Alvinology

I am one of the guys working their asses off to make this mega entertainment event happen. Please give us your full support! 🙂

Organised by Singapore Press Holdings’ (SPH) Chinese media including Lianhe Wanbao , Radio 100.3 , and UW (U-Weekly), the Singapore Entertainment Awards honour the best talents in both Singapore and Asia entertainment scenes.

Winners of the awards, which recognise a spectrum of entertainment ranging from music, movies, radio to concerts, were announced last Sunday. In conjunction with the awards, a mega entertainment party will be held at the Marina Bay Floating Platform Grandstand on 7 March 2009.

The objective of the Singapore Entertainment Awards 2009 is to support the Chinese entertainment industry that popularises the use of the Chinese language. It will also promote the Chinese entertainment scene both locally and overseas. Singapore’s own talents will be given a platform to showcase their talents and at the same time, entertain an estimated audience of 10,000 at the mega party on 7 March.

The awards will be an overall review of Asian entertainment movers and shakers who have made an impact on the Singapore entertainment scene in 2008.

Local and foreign stars who will be appearing at the celebration party include Show Luo(罗志祥), Raymond Lam (林峰), Cheer Chen (陈绮贞), Aska Yang (杨宗纬), Energy, Stefanie Sun (孙燕姿), JJ Lin (林俊杰), Joi Chua (蔡淳佳), Derrick Ho (何维健), Wu Jiahui (伍家辉), Jack Neo(梁智强), Royston Tan (陈子谦), Chou Pi Jiang (臭皮匠), Ang Moh Pai (红毛派), Kaira Gong (龚诗嘉), Olivia Ong and more.

Admission to the Singapore Entertainment Awards Celebration Party is by ticket only.

Singapore Entertainment Awards 2009 Celebration Party - Alvinology

Special promotional tickets to the Singapore Entertainment Awards 2009 Celebration Party are currently available for two more days till this Friday (6 March). On sale are 200 exclusive standing stage-front tickets at $148 each and limited seated centre-front tickets worth $88 are now available at $50. Seats are available on a first-come-first-served basis. For more information about buying tickets, CLICK HERE.

You can email us at [email protected] if you have any queries about ticketing or any other matter related to the Awards.

Hope to see you there! 🙂

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