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Single Fondue @ Andersen’s Ice Cream

Single Fondue
Single Fondue

Ah… the rising cost of living and the impending economic recession makes me feel shitty even when just eating a simple ice cream desert.

Rachel and I ordered a Single Fondue at Andersen’s Ice Cream yesterday. It was a very hot day and we wanted a cold desert to share between us. On the menu, the price is stated as S$9.90. After the 10 percent service charge and 7 percent GST, the bill comes to $11.60. Steep. Somehow, even ordering a small item like an ice cream makes me feel guilty for not being more frugal these days.

Are you feeling the heat too? 🙁

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  1. Next time juz get the $1 potong ice cream from the ice cream man. Heh.

    Anyway I voted for shuang yu zuo already, although both of you kinda suck at news casting. HAHAHA.

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