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Modern Toilet Restaurant in Taiwan (便所主题餐厅)


Eng Shan introduced me to this restaurant, prior to my Taipei trip and I went there with Rachel, Mark and Meiyen.

In this toilet-themed restaurant, the seats are all made from toilet bowls, not chairs. Sink faucets, wash basins and various toilet-related decors adorn the place. Currently they have a chain of 12 restaurants in Taiwan and one in Hong Kong. You can find out more about Modern Toilet via their official website.

Here are some pictures we took during our visit to their Ximending (西门町) branch:

waiting to order

Waiting to order

toilet bowl sales girl

Toilet bowl salesgirl

hand basin

Hand basin to wash hand; not to shit into

Clam Chowder

Mushroom soup – pretty ordinary looking

pork chop rice

Pork chop rice – looks nice hor?

pork chop with rachel

The serving is very big – as big as Rachel’s head

seafood baked rice

Seafood baked rice in basin



urinal chocolate

Chocolate shake in urnial bottle

act cute

Mark and Meiyen act cute



ultimate ice challenge

Ultimate ice challenge

digging in

Mark and Meiyen embark on their gastronomy challenge

rachel happy

Rachel looking happy being served with two lumps of shit

rachel unhappy

Rachel looking unhappy with two small lumps and one giant lump of shit

rachel and alvin

Rachel and I embark on our gastronomy challenge


Tada! Look at the mess we left behind!

group photo

Group photo

my drawing 1

My drawing 1 – guy shitting

my drawing 2

My drawing 2 – Girl see guy’s shit and puke

rachel and me outside modern toilet

Parting shot outside the restaurant: Rachel and me, looking satisfied

mark and meiyen outside the restaurant

Parting shot outside the restaurant: Mark looks constipated while Meiyen smiles on

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  1. marilyn: The food is good, but not fantastic. It’s mainly the novelty lah. 🙂 Anyway, can visit their website for their addresses. They have a chain of restaurants.

  2. hi!! u went to that restaurant only last yr is it? Where exactly is it located in ximending? near to the mrt station? =)
    Cause i’m going there next month, wld like to visit that place with bf =)

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