I spent quite a bit during my 6 days 5 nights stay in Taipei. Most of the expenses went to food, lodging and travel, but I did buy quite a fair bit of stuff too.

The most damage was due to these two items:

onitsuka tiger and big train

A pair of jeans from Lee Cooper’s Big Train series and a pair of hi-cut basketball sneakers from Onitsuka Tiger (Asics).

The jeans cost NT2680, approximately S$125. I like the look of the Japanese themed motif on the back pocket and the small details on the button and pockets.

big train jeans

lee cooper store, ximen

The sneakers cost NT3100, approximately S$144. I like the fleece lining at the top edges and the extra cushion paddings on top of the soles.

ontisuka tiger

onitsuka tiger store, ximen

I also bought a lot of books from eslite (誠品). This pile in the picture cost around S$150 in total.

books from eslite

I also bought some small toys. These are the cheapest items at around S$5 in total for the two items below – a Kakashi figurine and a set of cat figurines.


Spending money feels great, haha. Now, it’s back to work to earn more money for my next holiday! 🙂

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