kids from creative o

Last week, group of children from local preschool, Creative O came to visit us at our workplace, Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) News Centre.

We can hear them once they stepped out of the lift lobby. Kids, being kids, they were a noisy bunch. They are here with a mission – that is, to interview people who work in the local newsroom and hand in an assignment based on their interview findings.

I had the honour of being one of their interviewees.

quiet kids

Their teacher brought a bunch of them to my desk, and got them to sit down quietly on the floor. A little boy was then assigned to do the interview.

He stood up and froze for quite a while. After some coaxing from his patient teacher, the boy then gathered his courage to ask the first question.

frozen boy

Here’s how the interview went:

Shy boy: What is your name?

Me: Alvin

Shy boy: How you spell?

Me: A – L – V – I – N (following that, all the kids scrambled to copy my name down on their assignment sheets)

Shy boy: Where you stay?

Me: er…. Singapore (some of the kids started laughing)

Shy boy: ok (keep quiet)

At this point another more talkative girl sitting at the back raise up her hand and asked me: Why you have so many toys? (referring to the decorations on my work desk)

Me: oh… I like toys.

All the kids roared into laughter. I supposed they think it is funny?

Talkative girl: What is your age?

Me: 28 (sheepishly)

Talkative girl: What you do at work?

Me: I do marketing. I sell the website,

The whole session lasted no more than 15 minutes. Following that, their teacher did an excellent job, explaining to them in detail, what marketing was about since I was finding difficulty trying to explain the concept to them.

The little kids then proceed to get my name again, and begun to write it down onto their interview sheets for those who haven’t done so. They also drew sketches me.

Their teacher got them to thank me and then the little journalists were on their way to their next interviewee.

A little girl saw some of the Alvin and the Chipmunks merchandises on my desk, and turn around to ask me if I am a chipmunk before she smiled and left.

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