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Khoun Community Radio

All pictures taken from KCR

Upon graduation from NTU, one of my good friend, Xai went back to his country, Laos, to work for the United Nations to set up a community radio station.

Laos is a small agricultural country with a population size of around 6 million people. Frankly speaking, before I got to know Xai, the only thing I know about Laos is that it is one of the rare few surviving communist regime in the world.

Xai had set up a blog for the Khoun Community Radio. Do take a look to catch a glimpse of life in Laos’ countryside.

I am particularly intrigued by the entry on “KCR Idol“.


Here’s what it is about:

The station had become a stage when a singing contest was organized as part of on-going activities, leading to the station launch, 22nd October 2007. Sixty-four people turned up for audition. They had to perform one song in front of a panel of judges. There are 4 categories, Hmong, Khmu, Lao Loum, and Children. After the audition, 7 people for each category would be selected for the final round. A winner from each category will receive a Sony radio (worth more US$100!), station T-shirt, and a chance to record his/her voice in our studio!

A simple radio is all the incentive they need for the grand prize. Shame on you Amercian Idols.

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