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Snacks from Tom Yam Land

Thai Lay's

I bought home some snacks from Bangkok. My sister told me that the Lay’s potato chips there were fantastic and reminded me to buy more back. I took her advice, and bought four packets. I wanted to buy one of every flavour they had, but there were too many! Seriously, I saw over twenty different flavours in one supermarket alone.

I got the Hot Chili Squid, Sweet Basil, Nori Seweed and Bacon & Cheese. They taste great, my sister wasn’t lying. 🙂

Fisho cuttlefish

I bought three boxes of cuttlefish as well. These are the folks in office, so I didn’t get to try them.

Thai Glico

There’s also two small boxes of Thai Glico Banana-chocolate Pocky and Pizza Prez sticks. They were good too.

Thai instant noodle

And finally… there’s these four packets of Thai brand instant noodle that got me cackling when I saw the packaging. The weird CGI doll figures look like they are offering to do a blowjob! What a weird way to sell instand noodles!

Don’t the four dolls look like those blow-up dolls you find in adult sex shops?

Anyway, I cooked and ate one packet (the green one). It tasted pretty normal to me. Certainly not as yummlicious as the pretty dolly on the packaging. Hahahahahahaha…

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