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Old SBC TV Serials Opening Sequences

I am going all gaga with nostalgia, watching old SBC (what MediaCorp used to be called long ago) TV serials opening sequences.

Yes, I am this old.

There are lots of these to be found on YouTube. Here are ten of my favourites:

阳光列车: Ann Kok acting as a student! Wow… wish I had a classmate like her.

龙凤呈祥: The theme song, Purple Rain, was one of my favourite childhood songs.

咖啡屋: Kopi-O! Before frappucinos and bubble teas.

欲望街车: The car show which was a surprise hit using a cast of forgotten old-timers.

三面夏娃: The one that made Zoe Tay famous.

早安老师: Aiyoyo… Chen Liping was skinny once.

飞跃颠峰: Volleyball queens – Chen Liping was still every guy’s dream girlfriend then.

迷离夜: The one that gave me nightmares.

奇缘: The ancient period scary one.

边缘少年: The bengs and lians of yesteryear.

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  1. wahaha~ i recognise most of the serials leh!
    purple rain was also my favourite song when i was young, even until now, i still like to pick this song to sing whenever i go ktv.

  2. Hi Alvin,

    I need your help. Do you know where i can find clip of this drama?
    奇缘之怨偶天成 its called strange encounter 2 and it debuted in 1988.

    I actually wanted to find a very beautiful background music in the above series. Not the main theme. Its a nameless background music. I have been searching for close to 20 years !! To no avail … … … i heard it in 1988 or 1989. should be 1988.

    And also 七彩人间. it’s a show about deities and fairies, starring 杨宝伟.

    My email is [email protected]

    Please email me if you have any info. feel free to msn me too. My msn account is [email protected]

    Thanks for your time.

    fondest regards

  3. Hi Alvin ,

    Sorry . What i want is actually 桃花女斗周公 inside 奇缘2. Its one of the stories in 奇缘2 that starred 杨宝伟.

    Either this drama or another drama called 七彩人间 by 杨宝伟 has the background music i wanted to look for. Its a music played by flute and zither or harp. I cannot remember its using chinese instruments or western symphonic instrument. Its a very beautiful and HAUNTING tune. Thats why i cannot forget for past 19 years . If i can get the drama i should be able to find the tune

    best regards

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