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Singapore’s Eight Wonders

seven wonders of singaporeFollowing the announcement of the new Seven Wonders of the World, local newspaper, Straits Times did a straw poll with 300 Singaporeans to find out what they think Singapore’s Seven Wonders should be.

Here’s the result:

1. Esplanade

2. Changi Airport

3. Sentosa

4. Merlion

5. Singapore River

6. Food

7. Mount Faber and MM Lee (tie)

Wait a minute… shouldn’t the Wonders all be iconic OBJECTS???? How come got MM Lee one???? Imagine George W. Bush or even JFK being listed by Americans as one of the Seven Wonders of America – doesn’t it sound ridiculous?

It never fail to astonish me how Singaporeans like to associate anything to do with Singapore with MM Lee.

Year in year out, whenever any polls remotely related to Singapore are conducted, MM Lee will always be in the top favourites.

True, MM Lee has done a lot of our nation. However, isn’t it time to move on?

MM Lee is not going to be here forever. Despite the great things he have done, he is still mortal. That means he will die one day. What happens after that? Singapore collapses? Society runs amok?

We have to learn to be independent lah. Cannot everything also MM this MM that… We should cut MM Lee some slack.

Tio bo?

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