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Who are the Simple Folks?

See the banner on my right-hand-sidebar titled ‘The Simple Folks‘?

Who are these people you may ask.

Well, here they are:

The Simple Folks

Clockwise from left: Cuandi (3D animation), Kaili (Video/Print), Alvin (Print/Video/Web), Ding An (Video/Writing/Music), Leon (Video/Print/Web/Mobile), Rosslyn (Web/Print).

The photo was taken at Ding An’s house last year during his birthday celebration. (We were pretending to be a bubblegum pop band)

Basically, the Simple Folks are a bunch of eccentric personnels who hang around together to waste time talking about creative ideas that will one day change the world.

The purpose of grouping together is to form a ‘freelance coalition’ of sort so that we can share lobangs among ourselves. Also, as each of us have varied expertises, we are able to take on cross-media platform, bigger projects by pooling our resources together. Recently, a new member, Rachel (Writing), has been conned into our circle as well.

Out of the seven people mentioned in this entry, Alvin is the only sad toad with a day job (and hence not freelancing). The rest of them are either full-time freelancing or currently in-between jobs. Hence if you have any interesting design assignments, feel feel to contact us via our website. 🙂

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