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About Alvinology is a light-hearted content portal covering Travel, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Food, News, among many other topics. It is managed by AM Collective Pte Ltd and is part of the Alvinology Media (AM) group of online and mobile properties that delivers over 5 million page views each month in Asia, particularly in Singapore.

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First established in 2007 as a one-man blog by blogger, Alvin Lim, it has since developed into a full fledge content site with a professional editorial team.

Editorial Team

Alvin Lim

Alvin Lim

Director, AM Collective and Managing Editor / Founder,

Alvin Lim is a digital and social media native. He is a 100% geek who spends too much time online. Alvin is the founder of and has been blogging since 2007. The site started as a one-man blog and is now a full-fledged content portal with a team of professional content staff.

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Katherine Goh

Katherine Goh

Director, AM Collective, Managing Editor, Asia 361 and Editor, Alvinology

Currently the managing editor of Asia 361 and editor of Alvinology, Kat is the wanderlust storyteller and the inquisitive eyes behind Kat Eyes Photography. She is also a Getty Images contributor. She can be reached at [email protected] Follow her on her Instagram @kateyesphotography.

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Calixto Tay

Calixto Tay

Managing Director, Originally US

Calixto Tay is the Managing Director of Originally US, a Singapore-based mobile application development consultancy.

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Soon Koon

Soon Koon

Director, AM Collective

Passionate about photography, Soon Koon is the guy behind Working full time in AM Collective since 2016, he spends most of his time managing projects, doing design work on his Macbook and blogging on Alvinology, Asia 361 and Lemon Film. During the weekends, he will spend quality time with his family and drink coffee with aunties at the coffee shop.


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