2024 Trip.Best Global and Asia 100 Rankings - Alvinology

2024 Trip.Best Global and Asia 100 Rankings

Trip.com has released its highly anticipated 2024 Trip.Best Global and Asia 100 lists, showcasing curated travel rankings based on real user reviews and year-round sales popularity. These lists guide global travelers in selecting the best experiences a destination has to offer, encompassing hotels, attractions, nightlife, restaurants, and more.

Top Hotels, Attractions, Nightlife, Restaurants, and Destinations

2024 Trip.Best Global and Asia 100 Rankings - Alvinology

The Global and Asia lists feature various categories:

  • Hotels: 100 Luxury Hotels, 100 Family Hotels, 100 Cultural Hotels, 100 Scenic Hotels, 100 Villas, 100 Ski Hotels, 100 Instagrammable Hotels, 100 Hot Spring Hotels (Asia only)
  • Attractions: 100 Best Things to Do, 100 Family-friendly Attractions, 50 Hot Springs, 50 Ski Resorts
  • Nightlife: 100 Best Nightlife
  • Destinations: 100 Best Destinations
  • Restaurants (Asia only): 100 Fine Dining, 100 Local Restaurants, 100 Restaurants for Views & Experiences

Highlights from the Global 100 Luxury Hotels List

2024 Trip.Best Global and Asia 100 Rankings - Alvinology

Paris shines on the 2024 GLOBAL 100 Luxury Hotels list, with Hotel de Crillon, a Rosewood Hotel, taking the top spot. Le Bristol Paris – an Oetker Collection Hotel and La Reserve Paris Hotel and Spa also made the top five. Notably, Raffles Singapore and Aman Tokyo secured the second and fourth positions, respectively.

Diverse Hotel Recommendations Across Asia

2024 Trip.Best Global and Asia 100 Rankings - Alvinology

Asia’s hotel offerings cater to various traveler types. Indonesia’s Buahan, a Banyan Tree Escape, and AYANA Villas Bali stand out in the luxury category. Family-friendly options include Malaysia’s Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast and Vietnam’s Vinpearl Resort & Spa Nha Trang Bay. Cultural experiences await at Thailand’s Sawasdee Village, while scenic views can be enjoyed at The Bellevue Resort in the Philippines and Karuizawa Prince Hotel West in Japan.

Instagrammable and Unique Hotels

Social media enthusiasts can capture stunning photos at Vietnam’s Mai House Saigon Hotel and Japan’s Good Nature Hotel Kyoto, both featured among the top Instagrammable hotels.

Top Attractions and Nightlife

Asian attractions dominated the 2024 GLOBAL 100 Best Things to Do list, with Universal Studios and Disneyland parks leading the way. Notable entries include Universal Beijing Resort, Shanghai Disney Resort, Hong Kong Disneyland, and Universal Studios Japan. Museums like The Palace Museum Hong Kong, the Louvre in Paris, and the British Museum in London also made the top 10.

For nightlife, New York City’s Empire State Building topped the list, followed by popular spots in Paris and London such as the Eiffel Tower and the London Eye. In Asia, Dubai’s Burj Khalifa and The View at the Palm led the rankings, with Xi’an’s “The Song of Everlasting” show, Xi’an City Wall, and Tang Paradise completing the top five.

Culinary Delights in Asia

Singapore stands out in the restaurant categories, with Odette leading the ASIA 100 Fine Dining list. Palm Beach Seafood and Spago Dining Room by Wolfgang Puck were also top-rated for local cuisine and dining experiences with views.

Ski Resorts and Winter Destinations

Switzerland’s Zermatt Ski Resort was named the most popular ski resort globally. Japan dominated the 2024 Asia 50 Ski Resorts list, with Sapporo Kokusai, GALA Yuzawa, Furano, and Niseko Tokyu Grand Hirafu taking four of the top five spots.

Curated Travel Rankings for Informed Choices

The 2024 Trip.Best lists are curated using an algorithm that evaluates travel products on Trip.com, factoring in real user reviews and sales popularity. This comprehensive approach ensures fair, professional, and trustworthy travel rankings.

Promoting Tourism with AI

The 2024 Trip.Best lists are part of Trip.com’s AI-powered initiatives, alongside “Trip.Trends” and “Trip.Deals.” These lists were unveiled at the 2024 Hunan International Cultural Tourism Festival Gala Dinner and Trip.Best Global Award Ceremony in Zhangjiajie, attended by over 900 guests from more than 50 countries.

“Trip.Trends” tracks emerging travel topics and events, while “Trip.Deals” highlights the best promotions. These curated lists are integral to Trip.com’s content marketing strategy, driving consumer awareness and helping travelers secure the best offerings and deals. This initiative supports Trip.com’s globalisation strategy, forging strong alliances with partners worldwide to deliver seamless travel experiences.

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