6 Ways To Get People Double-Tapping Your #OOTD Shots - Alvinology

6 Ways To Get People Double-Tapping Your #OOTD Shots

Unless you’ve been dwelling in a cave, the ever trending hashtag abbreviation ‘#OOTD’ stands for ‘Outfit Of The Day’, a means for Instagrammers to update their followers on the latest style and fashion labels they’re decked out in.

But to truly stand out in a sea of #OOTD posts and get a kick out of the ‘likes’ and ‘comments’, your ensemble alone – no matter how dazzling – makes up merely half the equation. You would also require a powerful smartphone camera, one that has what it takes to upgrade your shots from amateur to professional.

That’s why you need the HUAWEI P20 Pro to be part of your #OOTD, so to speak. It is the first ever triple Leica camera phone to sport highly intuitive AI capabilities and photo quality that can rival that of a DSLR, meaning it will be the phone of the day for many days to come. With the tool settled, it’s time to follow the below tips and be seen.  


6 Ways To Get People Double-Tapping Your #OOTD Shots - Alvinology

After years of studying together, eating together, and gossiping on the phone until 2 in the morning, it only makes perfect sense for you BFFs to take the friendship to the next level: take over Instagram one #OOTD at a time.

The HUAWEI P20 Pro can help any pairs of BFF get there, thanks to its professional level photography standards and the standout intelligent object recognition feature. And instead of going about the #OOTD shot just by coordinating your outfits, turn it into an eye-catching post by shooting against a themed backdrop.   

Although there’s a good chance that no filters are needed, you would anyway; the HUAWEI P20 Pro has a way of spoiling users with categories of beautiful filters under the post-shot editing function, on top of the actual beautifying effect under the portrait mode.  

#2 Vay-Cay #OOTD

6 Ways To Get People Double-Tapping Your #OOTD Shots - Alvinology

‘#AirportFashion’ are a dime in a dozen. Besides, why take a #OOTD shot within airport walls when the scenery outside of it make for a more picturesque masterpiece? The only danger here is that wherever your wanderlust takes you to, the HUAWEI P20 Pro makes that facet of the city come to life – so much so that it sparks more conversations than what you’re wearing!  

#3: Dressing Room #OOTD

6 Ways To Get People Double-Tapping Your #OOTD Shots - Alvinology

Whether you’re talking about the perfect #OOTD shot or photography in general, light is your best friend. But not all environments would be as kind. Take dressing rooms, for instance; some of them are intentionally designed to be darker than others. The reason? You’d cut a much flattering figure when you try out a potential buy and snap a dressing room #OOTD in the mirror.

No light, no problem; as long as you’re doing so with the HUAWEI P20 Pro, you have the option of toggling to the ‘Night Mode’ to really make your outfit pop. It would surprise you with how well it can function under low-light condition, and that is a big plus for the consummate shopaholics or when night falls!

#4: Couple #OOTD

6 Ways To Get People Double-Tapping Your #OOTD Shots - Alvinology

Any couple can play matchy dress-up and proclaim their love for each other to the Instagram world. But not every couple would wisen up to the idea that you can take a page out of fashion photography. Using the HUAWEI P20 Pro, switch the camera mode to ‘Monochrome’ (it is part of the triple Leica camera that the smartphone is famous for) and add a tinge of vogue to your couple outfit shot.

Next, watch the ‘likes’ flow in.

#5 Accessories Of The Day – For Him

6 Ways To Get People Double-Tapping Your #OOTD Shots - Alvinology

There’s that rule about shooting from a lower angle to achieve the illusion of height and leanness. But no one said you can’t go the other way and nail your #OOTD shot from the top down. This move would be an old faithful for the sneakerheads whose outfits revolve around their limited edition kicks, or just about anybody who’s feeling the mood to bare his/her sole to the world. But the truly style conscious won’t think about stopping at the shoes, because with shoes come the close association with accessories. Why not shed the spotlight on some ‘bag envy’?  

#6: Accessories Of The Day – For Her

6 Ways To Get People Double-Tapping Your #OOTD Shots - Alvinology

We saved the best for the last! When conversations about #OOTD come up, the hashtag #flatlay won’t be far behind – easily the most recognised and trusted move to get followers engaging with your post. Your carefully curated wardrobe choice may play the protagonist in your shot, but like how you would accessorise your actual outfit, you need supporting casts to add a little flair to an otherwise run-of-the-mill #flatlay.

Go on and go a little silly with your makeup, or a copy of your favourite magazine!  

Are you ready to take charge of your #OOTD shots and upgrade them? Get your hands on the HUAWEI P20 Pro and give your followers (along with yourself) something to admire and ‘like’!  

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