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Dresden Ling – Writer


Ling is dreamer by day, and a creative designer by night (but don’t tell that to her boss). She is an advocate of imperfection, a lover of cats and flowers, a collector of leather notebooks, and a pursuer of many passions. She doesn’t particularly enjoy writing about herself in third person narration though.

She is a (beginning) practitioner of Buddhist teachings, and a firm believer of mindfulness, because she believes that is when life is the most beautiful, when colours are the most vibrant, and every breath of air is sharp, crisp and crystal clear.

Camera in one hand, a hefty tote bag in the other, she tracks down whimsical moments, in search of the magic that lives within the mundane, capturing urban documentaries and writing love letters to strangers on the internet. She also lives for the moments when inspiration strikes, riding the waves of creativity, never knowing where it’ll take her.

And that takes care of the business end of things.

Ling is also a Graphic/Web Designer/Illustrator with over 7 years of experience. With an acute eye for design, colours and composition, and a mind that never rests, she spews design mockups and creative briefs on a daily basis.

For a collection of her personal love letters, visit or drop her one yourself at [email protected]


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