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Author: Carrie Er

Top Blog: Getting to Know Daniel Ang from DanielFoodDiary

In our interview series Top Blog, some of the top bloggers in Singapore share with us their blogging journey you’ve always wanted to know about. Expect to see the nitty-gritty in their lives and a never-before-seen side of them unravelling before you. This week, we have a chat with the Daniel Ang who started the food food blog, He let us in on his road to internet fame, from simply sharing his food experiences with his friends to being one of the most sought-after food bloggers in Singapore. What Daniel has to say about the increasingly saturated food blogging scene will no doubt, lift some...

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These Young Rich Kids of Singapore Are Already Balling Even Before You Get Your First Credit Card

Have you seen “Rich Kids of Beverly Hills”? The television series is so unreal it’s good and it makes us wonder how would a local rendition of the series be like. While it may not be exactly like what goes on in zip code 90210, our very own local rich kids are just as or if not, leading more extravagant lifestyle. Here are 10 pretty spot-on examples of how to live a ballin’ life when your parents are ultra rich and famous: Kim Lim When your billionaire dad buys over Spanish football club Valencia, be ready to hobnob with world renowned football legend like...

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12 Ridiculously Funny Things You Can Buy On Taobao

To some, Taobao is a treasure trove of hidden gems if you take the time to uncover them. To others, it could be a site to troll people – when in fact, they’re not trolling at all – with items so ludicrous you won’t believe it’s even sold online. Here are 12 things we thought were downright hilarious and just had to share: Engagement Rings The bigger, the better. We’re referring to the carat size of a girl’s best friend when proposing to your fiancée. She will love you to death literally, because it’s simply every girl’s dream to have a diamond this huge on an...

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8 Must-Try Local Favourites at the Revamped Food Republic in Vivocity

When it comes to the local food scene, food courts have always been a mainstay in our lives. With a smorgasbord of Asian dishes, the food courts in Singapore are a melting pot of diverse cultures. The rich tapestry of authentic Asian culinary influences found in the food courts of Food Republic is also one key reason why we keep coming back for more. One of the many Food Republic outlets we often go to satiate our fix for local cuisine is the one at Vivocity. Now, if you’ve visited Vivocity, you would probably have visited the Food Republic...

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Cakes on Instagram vs Cakes in Real Life

The classic case of expectations versus reality, for the most part, ends badly – and birthday cakes are no exception. Rose-tinted glasses are probably what you need to see the cake before you and the one on your Instagram feed in the same light. Shiberty Bakes is a Singapore homegrown bakery brand that has made a name for itself but in an unwanted sense recently. A particularly bitter disgruntled customer of theirs is on a personal vendetta to shame them, compiling an album full of “ugly cakes” by Shiberty Bakes which failed customers expectation. Disputes aside, could this just be a case of the inability...

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