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6 Tips for Employers Who Have Just Hired a Domestic Helper in Singapore 

Deciding to employ a live-in maid is not something anyone should take lightly. Besides its legal and financial implications, having a foreign domestic worker living in one’s home entails serious commitment. Employers have to comply with work permit conditions, and they need to consent to essentially being responsible for the well-being of a non-family member. Nonetheless, the benefits are often worth the trouble, especially for people who are juggling numerous household and professional duties.

Perhaps your family is one of the lucky ones who were already able to hire a domestic helper Singapore families aspire to have. If so, you may be inclined to make the most of the experience. Be proactive and start cultivating a healthy employer-maid relationship from the onset. If you are a first-time employer and are a bit unsure of how to go about the process, continue reading this article. This short guide will offer several tips on how you can help your new maid feel at home with your family, perform her tasks well, and adapt to living in Singapore.

Draw Up an Employment Contract

Although not required, you may want to draw up an employment contract as soon as you hire a new maid. Having something on paper that specifically states the terms and conditions of the scope of work, benefits, and other agreements can significantly help avoid future misunderstandings. A contract is also an effective way to set clear expectations and boundaries to create and maintain a harmonious relationship.

Be sure that you and your maid agree to the contents of the contract before signing it. It is worth noting that you can ask the maid agency to draft the agreement for you if you so wish. Here are the main points that you may want the employment contract to cover:

  • Duties and responsibilities of your maid
  • Salary
  • Work hours and provisions for extra pay
  • Number of rest days per month
  • Compensation to make up for working on a rest day

Explain and Demonstrate the Job You Want Done Right

If you want your maid to do her job as you desire, you may want to tell her what you expect right from the get go instead of letting her figure things out through trial and error. Explain her daily tasks and responsibilities, and be clear about your expectations for each task or chore. More importantly, you may want to demonstrate how you want the job done. 

Show her how you prepare meals, organise the fridge, clean the house, and do other household chores. By showing her how you do things and by setting standards she can follow, you can eliminate confusion and shorten the learning curve for your new maid.

Oversee Her Work and Provide Feedback

Besides explaining and showing how you want things done, you may also need to oversee what your maid is doing so you can monitor her progress. Be polite when correcting mistakes and repeat your directions if necessary. You may also want to write down instructions that are a bit complicated to serve as your maid’s guide in the future. 

Remember to give your helper a reasonable time to adjust to her duties. Try to praise and appreciate her efforts if she has done things consistently well. You can also give rewards to motivate her even more. Perhaps, an additional allowance or extra time to call family members.

Teach Your Maid How to Get Around the City

If your maid is new to Singapore, you may want to teach her how to go around using public transportation. Get her an EZ Link card and show her how to use it. Explain to her how to ride the bus or MRT from your home and how to go back. You may also want to explore the neighbourhood with her so you can pinpoint the grocery stores, restaurants, and other places you frequent. Also, accompany your maid when grocery shopping a few times. Show her different routes going to and from the store, and teach her other tips that will allow her to shop easily and efficiently.

Encourage Open Communication

Any healthy relationship starts with open communication. Thus, encourage your maid to approach you and to talk with you if she has questions or is encountering issues. Do the same if you have concerns about your maid’s performance, behaviour, or attitude. Sit down with her and calmly explain how you want things to be done inside your home. Verbalise it as well and be lavish in praise if she is doing a terrific job. Ultimately, it is best to make your helper comfortable talking with you. After all, she will play a huge role in caring for the people you love and in keeping your home in order. 

Help Her to Combat Homesickness

Your maid will probably feel homesick in the beginning as it is not easy to be separated from her family and to live in another place with a different lifestyle and culture. As such, you may want to help her adapt to her new environment faster. For instance, you may want to allow her to communicate with loved ones during her free time to ease her loneliness. You can also encourage her to explore the city’s sites during her rest day and to make friends with other helpers in your community. 

These are just some of the things you may want to do when you hire a foreign domestic worker. As you’ll soon find out, it is essential to set clear expectations from the start to avoid misunderstanding and disappointment. You may also want to give your maid enough time to adjust to her role and to blend well with your family. Most of all, maintain a positive attitude, learn to communicate, and guide your maid thoroughly so you can build a healthy employer-maid relationship right from the start.

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