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Why You May Never Put Plain Old Bacon On Your Sandwich Again

Bacon by itself is a salty and delectable treat to start anyone’s day. Its saltiness and crunchiness never get old and we always find ourselves wanting just one more slice. At breweries and lots of popular restaurants, bacon is often accompanying a thick burger on a brioche bun, making it the ultimate dinner. But, there’s many bacon sauces, jams and spices that are out there and you haven’t heard of. Here’s why you’re never going to put those slices of plain, old bacon on your sandwiches again.

Bacon Jam

Bacon jam, a sweet and savory addition to any sandwich, burger, or on top of cheese and crackers is the new way to go. It’s made by simmering bacon, onions, brown sugar, coffee, and balsamic until it gets thick and spreadable. It’s perfect for slathering on your favorite burger and bun, as well as adding to a charcuterie board with a knife in the jar for easy spreading onto crackers. 

Bacon Sauce

This is the perfect addition to any club sandwich or burger, and includes just a few simple ingredients. The combination of worcestershire sauce, butter, paprika, apple cider vinegar, and brown sugar make this a sweet and savory, bbq consistency sauce. Just slather onto any sandwich or as a dipping sauce for fries without the usual slabs of bacon.

Smoky Bacon Cheese

You can purchase this cheese at your local grocery store or specialty cheese section. You’ll find some that were smoked and have that bacon flavor infused, and some with chunks or pieces of bacon throughout. Regardless of which cheese you choose, it will pair great with any burger and add a wonderful salty bacon flavor without the traditional bacon topping. 

Mushroom Bacon

This is a very unique addition that actually contains no bacon or meat at all! Mushroom bacon is actually oyster mushrooms that are marinated, slow-roasted and wood smoked to bring out the smoked and peppery flavor. Even though it is more time consuming to prepare, it’s a great alternative to bacon itself if you’re vegan or vegetarian or can’t eat cured meats. 

Tempeh Bacon

Being a vegetarian is becoming more and more popular as people are looking for healthier alternatives to meats, especially cured ones like bacon. Tempeh is fermented soy, and tempeh bacon can be purchased at your grocery store in the refrigerated section. It’s also very easy to make; just slice the tempeh, soak it in a mixture of different seasonings like soy sauce, brown sugar, and apple cider vinegar, and bake it 24 hours later. You won’t get the crunchiness of actual bacon, but the texture is meaty and salty just like bacon would be.

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