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Warning Signs That Help With Better Recruitment While Conducting Background Checks

Companies have now made background checks compulsory for all levels of employment to make the workplace safe. You might have found the right candidate, but have you done their background check? Can you vouch that they have no illegal activities or criminal records under their name? A background check is not a breach of privacy because it is done after receiving permission from the applicant. It helps with efficient and error-free hiring.

However, background checks can often uncover or reveal some unwanted information which otherwise could have later created hassle. If you figure out that there are some issues, you could always pass your concerns directly to the applicant. Background screening helps you find someone competent and reliable. Read ahead to know some usual red flags that you might come across while conducting candidate screening.

Long Periods Of Unexplained Unemployment

Gaps between jobs are not an uncommon thing, as this happens when trying to find one or taking a gap year. However, unexplained and inconsistent employment is a worrying sign. You would come across several employees who have the potential and have a gap between jobs due to career change, severe illness, and other reasons. Crime check Australia makes sure you get a perfectly capable employee who can serve your company well.

However, if you observe and find a known pattern in the applicant’s history of unemployment, do some further research or address the issue directly. Multiple gaps can denote that the employee is not reliable enough to work with and had issues with the previous employer. It could also mean that they struggle to keep their job.

Short-Lived Employment At Previous Jobs

Another red flag that future companies should be aware of. Someone with short-lived employment or jobs is a concerning factor, and you should think twice before hiring someone. It means that they were not good enough at what they were doing, they were fired, or they can easily get impatient and move from one job to another.

While seasonal and temporary jobs can be considered perfectly fine as they offer an experience, which will, in turn, benefit your company. If candidates have left a permanent, stable position, it might imply some other unforeseen reasons. These candidates will not be able to fulfil the requirements of your company and cannot live up to expectations.   

Inconsistency Noticed During Their Educational Period

Inconsistency is considered to be the biggest sign when it comes to the recruitment process for a company. While conducting background screening, if you come across information that differs from what the applicant has mentioned, they are not reliable. They might have made up facts on their education, their schooling, or their previous experiences.

It implies they are trying to exaggerate and seem appealing to the employer. Once the fraudulent information is found out to be true, you should move forward with caution. Even if you find someone with qualifications, and if they are not true about themselves, it is a huge red flag that they are unfit for the company. Consider every factor before employing anyone.

They Come With Bad Credit History

Candidate background screening would include the credit history and the financial records of your candidate. This would include fines, any type of loan or mortgage, and all credit card accounts. However, credit card checking is not always compulsory and is required if the post is related to finance and requires money management.

Even though small issues with credit cards do not define anything, be aware of any foreclosure, any financial fallout that you think might cause issues to your company later. When looking for a candidate’s credit check, it is crucial to know what to check and what not to.

Any Sort Of Criminal History

While criminal history could put an individual at risk of getting any job, one arrest or even a small conviction report does not bar them from all chances of employment. Any candidate’s criminal history, in general, is a red flag. Nonetheless, you should do a thorough background screening to figure out its kind. As an employer, you could consider the time period since the criminal conduct.

You could even address the employee and check whether they have an opportunity to get excluded from the criminal offense or not. Note that arrests are different from convictions. People can get arrested depending on several minor and major issues, but convictions are a different issue. Arrest records do not provide any criminal conduct proof. However, depending on the company, the employer could dismiss a particular candidate if they do not fit the requirements.

Some other factors that are red signs are social media posts that stand against what your company policy follows. If they post something which is demeaning, aggressive, and can harm someone, you might want to rethink your decision. Referrals that are given by a candidate ensure you get a better understanding of them. These are the most common red signs you will come across that if found suspicious, you should discuss with the candidates.

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