In a world that is going more and more digital every year, tech lovers and everyday people are looking for ways that they can minimize their electrical footprint. From renewable energy sources, smart home technology like energy efficient thermostats, and even smart surge protectors, more tech developers are finding new ways to help consumers and enthusiasts go green.

There are a myriad of options available for anyone looking to use less energy, whether they simply want to spend less money on their electric bill, or give back to the Earth.

Renewable Energy Options

There has been a huge spike in interest for renewable energy sources in recent years, with people around the world opting for solar panels to provide their home with electricity, still others looking into wind power, and even more looking into water for hydroelectric power.

Converting energy from sunlight into electric power, usually using photovoltaics, solar panels are the most popular way to achieve solar power for folks looking to use it as their renewable energy source. Solar panels have grown increasingly more affordable on the consumer market in recent years, making it incredibly easier and friendlier on wallets everywhere for folks to get in on the solar game.

Many power companies even buy back excess energy from residents who generate renewable power, which can be another big incentive for folks to go green. With many communities even beginning to start up shared solar programs in their residential areas, now is the best time to start looking at renewable energy sources if the notion of being more energy efficient, and less dependent on the big power companies, gets you thinking about taking the plunge.

Smarter Power Strips

Many companies have begun to create smart surge protectors, which offer a variety of benefits. One such benefit is the obvious fact that surge protectors keep your connected devices safe in the event of a severe lightning storm or power surge. But the smart surge protectors on the market today offer a host of other advantages as well.

These newer power strips enable owners to program and schedule individual outlets to be completely shut off and turned back on during desired times, such as completely shutting down the TV or desktop computer at bedtime. This allows for less energy usage by these devices, as most have LED lights that remain on and draw power from the outlet even after the displays have been turned off for the night.

Another great benefit offered by a smart surge protector is its ability to integrate with your existing smart home setup, allowing you to control the power strip and all of the devices connected to it with a dedicated smartphone app for your Android device or iPhone, or even controlled with a simple voice command using your favorite artificial intelligence assistant, such as Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri, Google’s Assistant, or Microsoft’s Cortana. Talk about convenience!

Individual homeowners are not the only ones getting in on the smart power strip wagon either. Think of the money that office complexes and rental property owners can save. The spike in interest that companies like iPropertyManagement and those in the home service industries are witnessing is real.

Smart Home Solutions for a Greener Home 

Many consumers are getting more and more interested in smart home technology, and the simple fact is that smart home tech can encourage you to live greener. With brilliant efforts coming from Google Nest, ecobee, Apple’s HomeKit, and so many other options on the market, it has never been easier or more affordable to set up your own smart home systems.

One huge advantage of smart home technology is automation, and utilizing automation can drastically reduce your home’s energy consumption. You can also completely control this automation from the comfort of your smartphone or tablet, or with simple voice commands with your favorite voice assistants.

Everything from temperature control with smart thermostats to lighting systems, even controlling windows and irrigation systems can be controlled with your smart home system.

It’s Easier Than Ever to Go Green Today!

Renewable energy, smart power strips, and smart home automation systems are just a few of the great new options available to everyone today who harbors the desire to save money on their energy bills, and go greener, reducing their carbon footprint in solidarity with the Earth. A noble and worthy cause to pursue, and one that both your wallet and your planet will thank you for!