One of the dirty little secrets of masculinity is that men do have emotions. In some cases, those emotions may be even stronger than those of women, even though the world strongly discourages men from expressing these feelings. There are a lot of stages that happen inside your head after a bad breakup, a death, or any other event that causes you to be single without really wanting to be.

Being single without intending to be is an inevitable part of life for most people. As much as no one wants to admit this, it can seriously hurt when someone leaves or dies, and you’re left alone to pick up the pieces. One of the best ways to accept the situation and to move on with your life is to get back out there and meet women, even if it still hurts, and your confidence feels like it’s in the toilet.

Finding Where Women Are

There’s a ton of different places where you can find women if you’re open to looking and aren’t too afraid of being turned down or laughed at. One place where you can cut your teeth and get back into the game if it has been a while, and you have some rust, is to talk to girls online. This allows you to meet women who are open to meeting men, and who might be up for a real conversation.

There’s also some value in going into the bars looking to hook up. While the disease is a possibility and this can get expensive, sometimes, having a visceral connection with another person is just what the doctor ordered to get your spirits up. Just remember this isn’t generally how you meet someone special, and that it may end up feeling empty.

You may also find that taking classes will help you meet women. Fitness classes like yoga and zumba may seem silly, but they are also full of women who like to be fit. The endorphin rush from a class may get them all smiles when you strike up a conversation afterward, and it could lead to some fun dates.

Just Doing the Do

Men often suffer from thinking that there has to be a plan in place before something can get done. This can be a hindrance; it presumes that the situation is going to have to be perfect before you can accomplish anything. This couldn’t be further from the case since relationships and dating are random and often unpredictable things.

Often, the most crucial step is to just get out there, talk to women, and get your mojo back. While you’ll meet some crazies, and you’ll find some women who are just not that interesting or interested, this is all a part of the process. If you ever want to have the kinds of fun that require women again, you’re going to have to put yourself out there in spite of all the potential problems this can cause.