Part of being a couple is doing things together and having similarities. With that idea in mind, one of the newest beauty trends and plastic surgery trends is growing in the world of couples. A trend, which has been dubbed “beauty matching” is a trend that is leading couples to get plastic surgery procedures like liposuction at the same time.

Beauty matching has been found to happen in many couples who simple book their cosmetic procedures at the same time and on the same day. Often beauty matching is just a simple take on booking procedures at the same time. One in the couple will get a procedure done or will begin discussing the idea with their partner or spouse, and the partner or spouse hears the ideas, exchanging talk with the other about the procedure. Often, this leads to a growing urge to have a procedure done themselves. This will then lead to the couple booking procedures on the same day to share the experience with their significant other.

Then, there are some people who take the terms of “beauty matching” quite literally. These people often come in for cosmetic procedures and leave looking similar to the other person, matching in various ways. This is kind of an extreme on the new beauty trend that leaves people looking like their significant other. Honestly, this is no different than getting their name tattooed on your body. You both look alike.

The Procedures

There are a variety of procedures that can be done in the beauty matching trend. Most of the procedures are for the anti-aging process, and since most couples are relatively similar in age, they typically have some of the same concerns and issues. Usually, couples will come in together to get small or minor procedures done like Botox or fillers, and typically the beauty matching procedures are done close to a big event in the lives of the couple like an anniversary or even a wedding. Often, doing the procedure together can also eliminate the nerves of the patient or patients.

Things to Note

Since many people think that beauty matching is borderline unhealthy, cosmetic surgeons are now watching for certain red flags that might signal issues with the relationship or the situation in general. Sometimes, working with a couple can change the way a surgeon must approach the procedure consultation, and since they want to provide a safe and comfortable environment, many surgeons might themselves turning some couples away to safeguard the couples’ feelings and relationship.

Beauty matching is not mean to be coercion of any type. This means that the couple should not be begging the other party to join along, and the surgeon should not be coercing the couple to go through with the procedure, especially if that couple is showing signs of issues.

However, beauty matching can be rewarding for couples, especially if they are uncertain about going it alone. The recovery time can be easier, and the nervousness of the initial procedure can be less if the couples go through with the procedure together. The concept of beauty matching should be done only if both parties are doing it for their reasons and not just because the other wants them to go through with the procedure. Sometimes, the pressure from the other party can cause the individual to go through with the cosmetic procedure that they might regret later once the procedure is done.

Just like with getting a tattoo, you cannot easily erase the effects of a cosmetic procedure. This is why many surgeons are sitting down with couples who are jumping on this new trend, ensuring that they are doing it for the right reasons and to avoid any later regrets on either party.