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What to do and what to avoid when writing an essay

What to do and what to avoid when writing an essay

There are many way in which you can write an essay, but generally there are things that you should stay away from. Similarly, there are also things that any essay writing service will tell you that you should do more. Here, we will talk about both categories so that you have a better idea of how you can perfect your essay writing skills.

The things that will make your essay better

The first category we’re tackling is that of things that will improve the quality of your essays. Keep these tips in mind and you will have no problem wowing anyone who reads your essay.


Keep your essays easy to read. Using a fancy word here and there is just fine, but make sure that you make the overall piece easy to read in terms of both content and structuring. There’s no point in hiding a lot of useful information in your essay if no one is going to effectively get what you’re trying to say.

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Write a thesis statement

A thesis statement is often seen in academic papers. It’s a great way of setting the stage for your essay. Use the intro of your essay in order to fully deliver the exposition for what’s to come, and what the reader should expect from the essay.

Make it one big piece

One big mistake that people often make when writing essays is the fact that they make each paragraph sound as if it’s a completely different story that has nothing to do with the previous paragraph. Make sure to use phrases and expressions that glue paragraphs together and make the connection between them more obvious.

The things that make your essays worse

Here, we talk about the things that aren’t beneficial at all for your essays and it would be in your best interest to ditch as soon as possible.

Don’t skip on formatting

Keeping your essay presentable means a lot. The way you make this happen is by using proper formatting. Using different fonts, sizes and styles for different parts or elements of your essay will enhance it and improve its quality dramatically.

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Stay away from writing clichés

Don’t use those phrases that you hear all the time, either in written work or even on TV for example. You are betting on the fact that everyone knows them, but they won’t be successful because, you guessed it, everyone knows them!

Don’t copy other people’s work

Looking for inspiration or references is fine, but don’t plagiarize someone else’s work. It completely beats the purpose of the essay in the first place, because it’s supposed to be your point of view. This goes without saying but never, ever copy and paste something in your essay. Keep everything original.

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