I’ve been operating a store front on Qoo10 for the longest time.

As most Qoo10 sellers would know, preparing your graphics, making your item descriptions clear and concise and easy for potential buyers to understand takes alot of work.

One of my top selling items on Qoo10 are dustbags – breathable and zipable bags used for storing your luxury bags by keeping the dust out but still allowing the leather to breath. I’ve been selling this for more than two years by now.

Imagine my horror when I notice a seller who just blatantly ripped off all the images that I photoshopped and text that I wrote? Disgusting!

Shall we play spot the difference? The listing on the left is mine. The one on the right belongs to the ripoff.

I get it. Qoo10 is free market. Sellers are free to sell what others are selling.

But can we do that without having to copy someone else’s listing wholesale?

The ripoff seller can’t even be bothered to create their own listing for items they are selling.This simply goes a long way to show what kind of seller they are.