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5 Damn Useful Apps For Future & Present Homeowners!

Homeowners today are like jugglers. They need to juggle between sourcing for the best property deals, renovating their homes, and managing their finances, while still getting around with their daily lives.

So, here are 5 apps that will save the day for both present and future homeowners!

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Save money on property transactions with Averspace

Be it for buying, selling or even renting a property, no homeowner will want to miss out on Averspace – an app that lets you manage your property transactions, at your fingertips. By digitizing and simplifying property transactions, Averspace lets you skip property agents, and their agent fees. Instead, the app gives you full control to (1) market your property to the right audiences, (2) negotiate with interested buyers and even (3) sign the deal, all within the app. With their incorporation of smart contracts and block chain technologies for digital agreements in the very near future, you can be assured your transactions on Averspace are not only cheaper and more efficient, but are also safer and more reliable.

Averspace, Moving house, property management, homeowners, appsDownload Averspace from App Store and Google Play now!

Engage the best interior designers with Nestr

If you are planning to renovate your home, don’t bother spending hours searching for home design ideas or asking everyone which interior designers are good. Because, you can now get plenty of design ideas from various interior designers and read reviews about them, all within the Nestr app. Unlike other reno platforms, Nestr also gives you a customised recommendation of interior designers, based on how well their experiences match your reno needs. And, the best part is, you can get free quotations from interior designers of your choice, through the app! Isn’t it so much easier to find the best interior designer for yourself now?

Nestr, Home Design, Interior Design, Interior Designer, App, Free Quotes, Renovation, moving house, homeownersDownload Nestr from App Store and Google Play now!

Get home furnishings conveniently with Lazada

If you are thinking of relying only on the usual brick and mortar retailers for home furnishing products, you are missing out on something that’s so much more convenient! Yes, we are referring to Lazada, the e-commerce giant that offers a huge variety of home furnishing products across different brands. From furniture to home appliances, and even to renovation equipment like drills and ladders, Lazada has all you need for your home. And the best part is, you don’t even need to step out of your house to do the shopping, and still enjoy free delivery! Life just got so much more convenient, isn’t it?

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Download Lazada app here!

Manage your finances smartly with Seedly

You know what’s the other thing annoying about being a homeowner? The hole in the wallet that comes with it. With all the property transactions, reno works and home furnishings to pay for, you might end up with messy receipts and bank statements. So, here’s Seedly, your personal financial hero. This app helps you track your spending by importing and categorising all your transactions automatically. With its budgeting feature, you can now control your expenses more closely – after all, buying and maintaining a home is no cheap affair and we are sure you won’t want the temptation of purchasing many alluring items to drag you into debt.

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Download Seedly from App Store now! (Android version will be available in Nov 2016)

Get around your neighbourhood easily with SG Bus Leh

Wherever your home maybe, you will definitely need to get around your neighbourhood. The great news is, if you are a frequent bus hopper, you have SG Bus Leh to get you around. Going beyond the usual bus timing dashboards, this app shows you not just the bus timings but also the locations of the next 3 buses. And believe it or not, the app can even tell you whether the approaching buses are full or empty. If you’re someone like us, who hate standing on a super crowded bus, we must say this is a golden feature!

SG Bus Leh, homeowner, apps, Bus Timing, neighbourhoodDownload SG Bus Leh from App Store and Google Play now!

So, there you have it. Without these 5 apps, wouldn’t you be missing out on so much time, energy and money that can be saved?

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