Playing Pokemon Go and want to be the very best Pokemon Trainer?

A bus app by local developers Originally US now shows you PokeStops & Gyms near you and near every bus-stop!

Nearby PokeStops & Gyms are displayed in SG BusLeh, so you don’t have to launch your Pokemon Go app just to check for them!

BusLeh shows PokeStops & Gyms near your location

BusLeh shows PokeStops & Gyms near your location

If you are taking bus to hunt for Pokemons, the estimated number of PokeStops & Gyms near each bus-stop is indicated within the app under “PKSTP”.

sg busleh pokestop

The estimated number of PokeStops/Gyms near each bus-stop are indicated as “PKSTP”


If you are going Pokemon hunting after work, the app even gives you a list of bus-stops with the most number of PokeStops nearby. Simply search “pokestop” or “pokemon” to see!


Support indie local app developers! SG BusLeh is available for download on iOS & Android, although the new Pokemon-inspired features are currently available for its Android version only.


Gotta Catch’em All!