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omy 天天向上 Wishing Tree

omy 天天向上 Wishing Tree
omy 天天向上 Wishing Tree

It’s a trying period now isn’t it? For students, final year exams are coming up. For adults, costs of living are rising in the midst of the global economic depression and expected retrenchments. There’s also the melamine-tainted milk scare, bird flu, Mas Selamat still not caught yet…

The staff at omy feel your pain too. Hence we came up with a Wishing Tree for everyone to spread some joy around to brace ourselves for the tough times ahead and smile through it all.

最近经济不景气,考试一轮接一轮,omy希望大家能一FUN风顺,特地推出了“天天向上 Wishing Tree“ 🙂

Do take a look and all the best for the trying months ahead. (Also, do remember omy is also giving out more than S$20,000 in cash, products and vouchers HERE. Check it out too.)

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